Personal and Group Coaching LLC

I have always had a gift of discernment and insight into helping others overcome issues within themselves that kept them from their personal goals. There are many methods and techniques that can be utilized as we journey together throughout this process. I will use the particular technique that works best with the individual client. Mostly, I help the client uncover and or reveal what they already know. It is within ourselves that we have the ability to bring healing.

I, David L. Woolf, operating through Personal and Group Coaching Services, LLC, provide services as a Coach to adults and children.  I believe there are fundamental principles that anyone can use to become better in any area of their life.  A coach is someone that can assist a person in growing their current strengths and uncovering some issues that are blocking their growth.  My work with you is based on your current goals and the areas in which you want to improve.  Most people want to improve in a particular area of their life, but they frequently remain stuck.  A coach has the insight to see where the person is stuck and helps them to become free.  Often people seem to know the answers to their problems, but for some reason they can’t seem to implement the solutions.  A coach can help the person find that solution within themselves, then partner with that person to bring the targeted solution to pass.

Although I hold a Masters Degree in Social Work, with a concentration in Clinical Counseling from The Ohio State University, I am not a licensed social worker nor a licensed clinical counselor and I do not diagnose or treat mental or emotional disorders.  Because of that none of my work with you will be payable by your insurance company.  At the same time that can bring many advantages to you.  You will not have a diagnosis that you will be required to report when applying for health, life, or disability insurance, information that often winds up in a large database available to all insurance companies.  You will never have to report to anyone that you have received any type of mental health treatment.